Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fighting the Bit

OK, so the horse can lift his front legs... what about the horse fighting the bit?

Can we concentrate on basic horsemanship instead of this stuff?

More fighting the bit by Icelandic Horses:








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Anonymous said...

First off, what's with the Spanish walk whatever-you-call-it at the beginning? Most Iceys are not trained to do that in a show ring. Second, though the horse has nice leg action, a horse's so called "headset" is supposed to be in a position more akin to a trot, not straight up in the air. I would like to see how that horse looks naturally without a bridle, because it does have great legs, and if the rider is more talented, I would like to see what it can do. Third, that horse and rider are being advertised like they're good. While I think the horse is a good horse, I think it is simply idiotic to be advertising the rider as talented.

Whenever I see videos like this, I shake my head in wonder, because though I show Icelandics, I have never seen anything like this win anything or be acclaimed for anything.

Would you mind perhaps putting up the scores of the horses you show? I would like to see how much the judges are promoting this. Not that it matters, as abuse is abuse, but if these people are getting horrific scores they should have no reason to go on abusing their horses.