Saturday, April 11, 2009

Christ Lammfelle Bareback Riding Pad

The Christ Lammfelle Bareback Riding Pad sets new standards in terms of riding feel and riding therapy. Tests carried out by independent expert riders and riding therapists have confirmed the positive qualities and the effect of this pad on the rider and the horse.

The bareback riding pad allows a you to ride with the close bareback feel but comfort of this beautiful pad. The bareback pad will help you to form a closeness to your horse encourage a strong bond and unique partnership.

An innovation engineered by CHRIST of Germany.

The pad in the picture is the "premium" model, with the knee rolls. There is a model without the knee rolls, and also a western model with a pommel and cantle.

Christ Lammfelle Bareback Riding Pad

Friday, April 10, 2009

Icelandic Horse Saddle and Tack Fit

This video allows us to view the fit of saddles and tack on the Icelandic Horses in Iceland. Take some time to view the video, pause it, check the saddles, how the horses react to the bits, etc.

Saddles should not end past the last rib. Extended panels that end past the last rib are not a good thing, as they can dig into the loins. Also the lowest point of the saddle should be in the center of the saddle, not to the rear of the saddle. If the rider sits towards the rear of the saddle, it can dig into the horse, and the rider is not aligned with the horse's center of mass making it more difficult for him to easily carry a rider.

Look at bit fit, and noseband fit and tightness. A well-trained horse does not need a noseband, and a horse who has a bit that fits, and accepts the bit, will not need a noseband.