Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Icelandic Horse Lift and Animation

Here's an image with several pictures of Icelandic Horse legs showing lift and animation.

The center picture shows sections of the leg with numbers so that we can use these for reference (click onto the image to see a larger version).

Look at section #1. It is about horizontal, 90 degrees, right?

How high are the section #1's in the other pictures?

Is this normal? Is this type of lift and animation made from mechanical means (weights, concussive practices, etc.)?

Is this functional? What affect does it have on the gait of tolt? Does it make the gait smoother or bumpier?

We have heard that according to FEIF, competitions call for high, but "not hackney-like" action in the tolt.

This looks like they have met the Hackney animation, and gone well past it!!

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