Monday, June 16, 2008

Misty in Alaska

Misty, from Alaska, sends this report of her Icelandic Horses:

I took Stjarni to a clinic last week; he did great. On the last day we played horse soccer with one of those great big rubber balls.

Stjarni had never played with one before but he scored every single goal. We finally had to sit out for a while to give the other team a chance to score. When we got back in, Stjarn continued to score every goal. Every goal that was scored while we were in the game was scored by Stjarn. There was a thoroughbred, a couple of arabs, a haflinger and a whole bunch of quarter horses, including a couple of ropers but he smoked them all. Go Icelandics!

Here are a couple of pictures from the parade with Katla and Stassa (known by Duke and Blake as Harold). She was the hit of the show; everyone wanted to pet her and she gladly obliged. As we rode we would split up and work both sides of the street, letting people pet the horses and answering questions.

It was Stjarn's first parade but he handled it like a champ; nothing phased him.

At the very end the parade winds through the parking lot of the Pioneer nursing home. Some of the residents braved the rain to sit on the sidewalk as we went by. One elderly lady in a wheelchair was seated back at the door of the home, quite a ways from the drive.

As I started to go by she reached out a hand and you could just see the longing on her face. I rode Katla up the walk and Stassa put her nose right in the lady's lap. The lady said, "I had a horse when I was young." She was almost in tears as she stroked Stassa. When I turned to go she said, "Thank you, thank you so much." You could just see that she was remembering being young. It was so touching.

I am constantly amazed at how people connect with these little guys and how much good they can do. It really touches my heart.

Icelandic Horse Connection

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